by X&Y

  • Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

    Pour notre second disque, nous souhaitions absolument proposer un livret comprenant, entre autres, les paroles des chansons.

    Toutes les photos, de la pochette au livret, ont été prises par notre amie Morgane Delfosse.
    C'est Juliette, notre guitariste préférée, et sa belle-maman Soazic qui ont conçu et réalisé l'objet.


    Il contient 6 titres

    1. Nobody does it alone
    2. Reboot me (and upload some love)
    3. Equinox
    4. Fantasies
    5. Most of it
    6. Stuck with my misery


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released February 11, 2017

Song written by Paul Braillard
Music by Paul Braillard & Juliette Heilmann

Drums & Percussions: Pablo Ramirez
Bass: Sacha Le Roy
Lead Guitar: Juliette Heilmann
Rhythm Guitar: Paul Braillard
Vocals: Paul Braillard
Moog: Julien Gouttebroze

Thunder Piano: Bernard & Claude

Recorded at Meta Studios in Voisins-le-Bretonneux (France) in April, May & June 2016
Mix by Julien Goutte-Broze

Mastered by Benoit Holliger at La Source Mastering

Photography by Morgane Delfosse

Artwork by Soazic & Juliette Heilmann



all rights reserved
Track Name: Nobody does it alone
I don't wanna be living here on my own
All those thoughts that I resent
Are sparks that never show up alone
Still it's been fifteen years
Scary that it's been so long
Does anybody know that I'm lost in this Castle? 
For good
For good
I remember, being with my people, gazing around
In parks, hotels, casinos, oh any corporate clubs
Would have fit our life out of any consequence
Never really thinking of seeking the hidden sense
Now I Know
I think I know when I don't
Nobody does it alone
But I'm so impatient
I don't wanna be growing alone
Am I cursed for being the only one on his way to enlightenment?
Locked in a place to get old
Gettin mad at being so peaceful on my own
But I can’t think of anything clever to say
Like "there's no now here" 
Nowhere is the place where I can take the lead
Where I can make them stay trembling on their knees
Praying for
Nobody does it alone
Track Name: Reboot me (and upload some love)
No more dummy love stories
No more easy fantasies
No more life changing carreers
No more No more
She said I wanna us back to when we started
wanna know how it begins
I wanna wash away all of my social reflexes
No more world cup semi finals
No more useless elections
No more disappointing tomorrows
I said I want a better place to stay
I wanna make love every day
and then be lifted up with someone that says
Reboot me and upload some love
Or erase my mind For fun... 
No more dummy love stories
No more easy fantasies
Go to hell with your carreers
Come on, no more!
Instead, you have to get to when it started
Wouldn't end the way it did
You'll get to wish away all of my social reflexes
And then Reboot me and Upload some love Or Erase my mind...
Had I been conned by some kind of spiritual intimacy?
Suddenly relieved to face someone recognising  the great potential with me
Impostors to self are instructors to soul
but it still does not help filling the hole in me
And Anyway, how could I love her when I expected her so much?
when she turned back to me
Throwing her handkerchief on the ground
Her fingers were drawing a cloud of goodbyes
That suddenly vanished in the air
I sat back in the grass, smoked a fag, already hoping for someone to
Reboot me and upload some love or Erase my mind...
Track Name: Equinox
Loving you, loving who 
Throughout so many years. 
Had I been waiting for you to simplify my fears? 
Or am I just in full fantasy mode again?

Us doesn't look like a remake, but who am I kidding? 
Too soon to rewind the tape
Inquire at my persisting mistakes all over again.

And cry within my absent tears that I'll never be caught cold again.

Beautiful and loving
Like my own personal Meg Ryan
How long before picturing a house and kids in the backyard? 
Who the fuck did paste those fantasies in my mind? 
Still unsure of who I wanna be
But no more wondering who I am
Still afraid that you'll hurt me
Bitting the ass of my best friend
Who's in charge of that rambling mind?

And cry within my whiny tears
That I'll never be caught cold again. 
But still, how long will I pretend
That I don't give a shit if we end

But can you delete all my memories, 
And make you look like my first chance? 
Can you dig up my own shit, 
And make it seem as if it never happened? 
And whatever I'll do, you'd love me again.

Can you be all wild, then reassuring, then wild again whenever I please? 
Can you close your eyes patiently when my dark side's taking the wheel? 
And love, and love, and love me again!

My light and darkness made equal. 
My long hoped for Equinox.
Track Name: Most of it
Of course I want to be happy
I'm just like everybody
But every now and then
I'm dancing with my inner devil
He drinks as soon as I get up
Snorting cocaïn's his favourite breakfast
I've heard that they worried for me
When I just want to make the most of it
Inside the house of my brain
There's a secured panic room
Lying on the floor, I picture a woman
Burying down my darkest secrets
But i don't mean to kill myself
I don't wanna die like anyone
But i don't mean to live like them
even if it's what it takes to apease my mind
I didn't have to be alone
Why did you leave me here?
And discover you lying on the floor
with red drops wetting your ears
I want to find my own special way of dying
and prove that i had lived and not been saved
Track Name: Stuck with my misery
All of my life I’ve done nothing but cry
Fear has always been here, waiting to hurt me bad
Even when I thought I had it right, I‘ve never made time to change
While I know what I should be doing now, I’d better keep on living with my memories
And I could come to kiss you but I am too scared to try
And I can think of being with you, but I am not sure I know how
The only reason I am stuck to you is cos’ there has to be someone
And as I can’t make it on my own, I’d better keep on living with my memories
Stuck with my misery
The only words that come through are those of a pathetic guy
One of those who have dreams too, but which don’t stay long in mind
There are too many things to do and not even time to try
Better wait for my next life with you
Hangin' around singing our misery
Stuck with my misery